Introductory Questions

  1. My name is Kelly, and I'm a senior majoring in architecture.
  2. I'm taking this class because I'm interested in coding and design, and I want more experience in merging the coding/working side of computer science with the use-interaction and design side.
  3. I have a little bit of experience with html, css, and javascript, and have done some very simple work, but not that much.
  4. I hope to learn how to design a website that not only to look pretty, but also responds well to user-interaction, and is easy/clear to use.
  5. I expect that designing for screen has much more user-interaction and responses than paper
  6. I think that Google's Search Engine has a pretty effective website design. It is very clear and easy to use.
  7. I think that Netfilx is a good example of effective communication. It labels very clearly items on your list, items to continue watching, what is trending around the world, and includes a number of other categories.
  8. I think that Apple works well as a website because I think it combines clear communication with effective design.